How to choose Austin air purifier

Austin air purifier

Many people who suffer from allergic symptoms, very often are given a difficult question: How to choose an air purifier for allergies? If you have an allergic reaction to pet dander, then stop your choice on high-power units, with the most simple filter, cleaning the space around you, from mechanical impurities. The wool, as well as dust caused by pets, has a rather large size of about 10 microns, which is visible to the naked eye. This pre-filter will be able to 90% to save you from such pollutants indoors as animal dander, feathers flowering poplar, etc.

For those who is allergic to pollen, dander, will be the best an air purifier with an electrostatic filter – Austin, Bionaire, Alive or some other popular brands. The principle of its operation is complex and simple at the same time: the polluted air is passed through a special grid with a positive charge. All suspended substances also receive the charge, and when they pass through the negatively charged electrodes and deposited on them. This cleaner for allergy sufferers able to capture contamination as small as 0.3 microns, and effectively clean the air in the room by 90 -95%. These models do not use replacement filters and therefore they are most cost-effective. Need more information? Find austin air purifier reviews and other air cleaner reviews on

Air purifiers with a HEPA filter clean the air of harmful substances by 95-98%. These household cleaners effectively remove the most different small inclusions, about 0.1 microns. The use of these filters in air purifiers, allows to clean room even from very fine dust settling in the lungs which can cause serious illness even human suffering from allergies. Especially dangerous is its impact on the child's body.

Many people have an allergic reaction not only to a mechanical air pollution, but also on the odors. Some are able to make a person coughing and choking and even anaphylactic shock can occur in the most severe cases. Most models can even eliminate the presence of tobacco smoke.

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