Guides for local tenants

Renting is not a straightforward option. Not every elderly person takes pleasure in playing landlord, or is in a position to do so. Many hate the invasion of unfamiliar people into their exclusive lives, which is an inevitable truth of having renters.

At some point, as longer Singaporeans age, we will certainly be compelled to decide just how much help is offered to elderly homeowner without a revenue source. However one lesson comes via in all of this: perhaps we ought to learn how to see houses as places to live, as well as not as a valid replacement for a retired life fund. 

From, it's excellent that house owners understand, and also they are likely to maintain doing so in land scarce Singapore. However the young should think about that, when they're 66 and even without a revenue, the concept of selling the residence they laboured as long to pay for might not be a basic monetary decision but a heavy decision to make. Some healthy old people may tends to outlive their basic lease terms. In such cases, they sometime even need social aids to see them through their daily lives. Singapore is a caring society to live in .

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