Learning the Subterranean Termite Treatment

The subterranean termite may not be as danger as the dry wood. It does not destroy the wood items at home so fast. But, it will bring the mood to the house and it will make our home seems to be not intended. It will be annoying to see. Then, you need to treat it. There are several ways to treat the subterranean termite. termite control companies santa clara county

Beneficial nematodes

There some kinds of animal which are very small unsegmented worm species which usually look for hosts. Termite is similar to that kind of species and burrows into them. It could cause death within about 48 hours. You need to spray the nematodes into the yard and infested rooms. It is the simple thing you should do to get rid of termite. The nematodes are not harmful to humans, plants or pet. Besides that, they are able to kill the entire insect colony. You could get beneficial nematodes at the local garden supply or hardware store. Now, you may be able to get it on the online store. When you buy them, you need to store it properly. You need to use it immediately. Otherwise, you could put it in the refrigerator. They should be planted after the sunset or early morning. The UV light could harm them. termites treatment san mateo county

Boric acid

Another effective way to get rid of termite is using boric acid. It is one of the most effective ways to kill the insects. Boric acid is the natural insecticide and it could shut down the nervous system and dehydrates the termites. In using this, you could spray or coat the wood with boric acid. You also could place boric acid bait stations in the garden or at home. You need to check them regularly. And replenish with the boric acid. The boric acid is kind of toxic when it is inhaled and ingested. You need to use gloves and face mask.

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