Pruning of a Fruit Tree

You must recognise the science of pruning to apprehend the parts of the tree and what each cut will do as it rises. A simple example of this is to recognise the difference between a fruit bud also called a fruit spur that will abide fruit and a leaf bud that will produce a leaf or branch that will not stand fruit. You can look at so as to gain tree pruning services.

It is significant to know how the branch structure produces and the difference between a lateral branch, the main scaffolding, smaller side branches and water sprouts also called suckers.

Overall fruit tree pruning instructions: 

  • Prune in the winter when the trees are dormant. There are a few exemptions to this.
  • Prune out all suckers or water sprouts – Suckers are the undeveloped shoots that cultivate at the base of the tree.
  • Cut out all shattered or unhealthy branches.
  • Cut out all intersecting branches.
  • Cut out tapered crotches.
  • Branches should be kept thin to permit sun and air movement for fruit ripening.
  • Make pruning cuts just above and outward facing bud. In the spring this bud will cultivate away from the center of the tree.
  • Always use sharp tools for clean cuts. Hand pruners for smaller branches, loppers for up to 1/2" cuts and a pruning saw for larger cuts.

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