Certified Lead Paint Renovator

If you have children, lead in your home can cause serious long-term health and behavior problems for them. Lead is a hazard to children under 6 years of age in particular. Lead in paint, dust and soil is a problem for children because it gets in their bodies when they put their fingers, toys or paint chips or dust into their mouths. Lead can also harm a pregnant woman and her developing fetus.

You may also check x-presscontracting.com/ online to know more about the paint renovator. You should consider testing for lead if there are children in your home and your house was built before 1978.

  • If your house was built before 1978, it is especially important to test for lead if.
  • Your house has peeling or chipping paint.
  • Your house has bare soil in the yard where children play.
  • You plan to repaint, remodel or renovate the house.
  •  A child living in the house has had a blood lead test result indicating lead exposure.
  • Your house was built before 1950 — such homes almost always have some lead-based paint.

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How Widespread is Lead-Based Paint in Housing?

Before 1940 86%

1940-1959 66%

1960-1978 25%

All Housing 35%

How can I tell if the lead is a hazard in my home and how do I determine if Lead-Based paint is present?

Certified renovators can use an EPA-recognized lead paint test kits, Certified lead-based paint inspectors or risk assessors use x-ray Fluorescence instruments and finally, you can have paint chip sampling done by laboratories.

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