GMO Free Food Is The Real Organic Food

Food has always been known as the source of energy. But what would you do if this source of energy gets adulterated. It is alarming even to think about it, but this is actually happening.

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Science has gone far away ahead in technology and so has the food. GMO is basically genetically modified organism which has an altered DNA o that it can meet the need of today. The need of today basically means that seasonal foods should be available all through the year; the yield should be more and many more such irrational demands. Following are the consequences of having GMO food.

  • GMO leads to an increase in the herbicide use.
  • These genetic changes have a lot of side effects on the organisms as well.
  • Companies try to suppress people who come up with some real problems regarding the GMO food.
  • Having such adulterated form of food leads to no great nutritional value left in the food.

Its high time now and its better if everyone starts boycotting GMO foods and chooses the organic ones. The organic foods in Brisbane are very genuine in the food they serve and are certified as organic by the Australian Quarantine and Inspectorate Service (AQIS) as well.

There are companies which sell organic meat, organic pulses and it’s highly recommended to opt total organic food. This not only makes your food healthy but also makes your mind relived as you know that the food you are eating is totally safe, healthy and nutritious for you and your family too.

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