Paulie Malignaggi And McGregor Sparring Session

Weeks have passed on their world press conference and their antic trash talking at each other, their fight is bound to happen on the announced date and location. T-Mobile Arena’s Mayweather vs McGregor tickets are on a roll and almost sold out. While both fighters are in the verge of their hard core training, the spotlight is now highlighted to McGregor’s sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi. Paulie Malignaggi who is a former world champion and just retired from boxing this year took on McGregor’s challenge to be his sparring mate in his gym at Las Vegas. McGregor is all positive in everything he does especially in preparation for his upcoming fight with Mayweather and he has been updating his social media accounts time after time just to keep his fans updated.

However, in most of his posts in his accounts shows positive things that could threaten his opponent and could turn out to be a big upset to Mayweather’s team and in the history of boxing. Malignaggi is grateful about the experience that he had with McGregor as a sparring partner and he that he enjoyed it as well. During several interviews with Malignaggi, McGregor has something up his sleeves that could surprise Mayweather in the ring. Trash talking was part of it and it helped them get fired up while they spar; Malignaggi was shocked that McGregor can take mockery with ease which he enjoyed it.

During their sparring sessions and workouts, Malignaggi mentioned that it will be McGregor’s left hand that will finish Mayweather in an instant. His left hand is heavy and has great power knowing that McGregor is a southpaw fighter. Mayweather is indeed a strategic and smart fighter, and on top of that, he has great defensive skills with his shoulder roll. McGregor is very aware of that and he did not just challenge Mayweather if he himself is not prepared to face him. Malignaggi respects the dedication and hard work that McGregor is investing in it and he sees that McGregor definitely has a big chance of winning the fight. McGregor devised several ways to counter Mayweather’s tactics and not just rely on his power punching left hand.

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