Guitar Review John Page Classic AJ

Since co-founding the Fender Custom Shop and eventually continuing on to construct his own custom made guitars, preeminent luthier John Page recently partnered with HRS Infinite to start the John Page Classic guitar manufacturer new.

Their assignment was to deliver a more viable "custom creation" lineup of his handbuilt guitars into the masses. The cooperation led to the John Page Classic Ashburn guitar, a compact custom Style guitar which Guitar World reviewed last year, and which was an immediate victory.

The Ashburn struck a familiar chord, using its classic shapes and superior parts, but each region of the guitar–out of its own custom-designed Bloodline pickups into the contoured heel combined with its own threaded neck bolt assembly–has been meticulously conceived for optimal performance in tone and relaxation. It shares several of those Ashburn's unique components but is now redesigned as a superbly polished Tstyle tool with finely trained tweaks which will interest a vast array of games, from country and rock shredders to blues hounds.


The AJ, that is called after Page's son, is a development of Page's first custom-designed P1 single cutaway guitar. But in which the P1 needed a bulky 14inch bout, the AJ displays a 13inch lower bout that communicates some mass and exhibits a sleeker front and rear shape on its alder body. The guitar also has a lesser horn along with contoured neck heel which permits simple access to the top frets. The neck attaches to your system through system screws with threaded inserts that are recessed to a sleek heel. Incidentally, this smart design also affords smooth tone move between neck and body. If you want to know if electric guitar strings are different from acoustic, just look into

It's classic T-style bridge plate using inverse pickup angle along with three step compensated brass saddles guarantee spot on intonation, as well as the Gotoh, staggered vintage style tuners, remove the need for a string tree.


As soon as I picked up the AJ, I instantly knew I had been enjoying with a professional guitar which sensed custom made. The AJ hugs your body in a manner that instills confidence in your own playing and feels simple after you grasp the gracefully carved, satin walnut throat. String pressure was slinky, letting me bend toward the skies without fretting about glancing out, as a result of its AJ's super horizontal 12inch radius fingerboard.

The Bloodline pickups are just outstanding. The JP3T bridge pickup is remarkably smooth, largely since its reverse angle positioning reacts with sparkle and clarity, unlike other T-style guitars. In the center position, which participates both pickups, the tone gets light and airy, ideal for jazzy runs. However, it's JP3P neck pickup is the true magic here, having a perfect mix of business snap and crystalline bite.

* The AJ's classic T-style bridge includes step compensated brass saddles for true intonation, and its own reverse angled pickup mounting eliminates the ice select harshness of the high strings to get a sweeter tone.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The John Page Classic AJ is a totally imagined T-style guitar packaged with stylized refinements and stellar tone which sets it all in a league over custom guitars which are almost twice its cost.

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