Key To Answered Prayer – Perseverance

There is a somewhat new story in Luke 11. It comes in the center of some education that Jesus is making in answer to the disciple’s prayer: Lord, guide us to appeal. You can also get best church services via

What immediately follows their petition is a sample prayer which people currently call the Lord’s Prayer.  In our church, we have a period of community prayer each Sunday once we praise God for answers to prayer, and bring our requests to Him as a church.

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We constantly conclude that time with the Lord’s Prayer.  It is a wonderful illustration of prayer, among the several in the Bible, and we could all learn from using the principles which Jesus teaches us through it.

But shortly after that model prayer Jesus tells us a parable about a man who’s seen by a friend, has nothing to place before him, and that then goes to a different friend at midnight to request 3 loaves of bread. I really don’t know about you, but in my way of thinking, and according to what I have been taught about prayer, this parable looks somewhat strange.

Since Jesus is teaching about prayer, and when we signed the guy who has seen and does not have some bread, in other words, the person that has a desire, then who are represented by another buddy?  Quite simply whom do we proceed into in prayer once we truly have a need?

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