Boat Slip Rental – Five Essential Tips for Advertising Your Boat Slip Rental

The first question you must consider is where you can advertise your slide local rental. Although trade magazines and boating newspapers offer classifieds, print out publications tends to be rather expensive and don’t reach a sizable audience of your marketplace.

Tips TO PROMOTE Your Boat Slide Rental

Simply advertising your slide rental is insufficient. How you will present your slide is vital to getting boaters’ attention and getting them to get hold of you immediately. You can get more information about slip rentals long island via

With all the overflow of information and available fishing boat slips being promoted on the internet, your list must be attractive, convincing, and provide the info boaters require in deciding if your slide matches their particular needs.

Listed below are five techniques for ensuring your vessel slips rental list sticks out from the masses:

Pictures – your list should contain as many pictures as you possibly can of the slide (from different vantage tips when possible), marina, and facilities and encircling areas so that boaters have a visible image of the dock.

Measurements – your list should contain correct proportions of the dock (duration, width, etc.), maximum sketch at low tide, and clearance to and from the dock, including whether there are any set bridges.

Features and Amenities – explain every one of the key top features of the slide that is worth focusing on to boaters, including whether there are electric hookups, fresh drinking water, internet access, cable television, fueling facilities, etc.

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