Science Based Six Pack Busts Intermittent Fasting Myths To Promote Wellness

There has been plenty of scientific research done in the past decade to support the beliefs that combining proper nutrition and exercise with a specific type of fasting will produce a healthy body. The specific type of fasting I'm referring to here is called intermittent fasting. It is unlike the crazed long term fasting which causes mood swings and difficulty regulating energy levels. Intermittent fasting is regular, short meal-free breaks in the day that provide time for the body to heal properly. Science Based Six Pack is cutting-edge, incorporating fasting with nutrition and exercise for great results.

Myths About Fasting

When incorporating new ideas it is super important to get rid of some of the old ideas that might contradict your new way of thinking. Some of the preconceived notions you may carry about fasting could make it harder for you to adapt to a new lifestyle. Science Based Six Pack promotes fasting because it does not destroy muscle when done properly. In addition, it is a myth that the body’s metabolism will slow down when fasting. Actually, the opposite is true due to the scientific research behind fasting that shows Leptin is triggered, and this is shown to increase the metabolism during a fast.

A Program Designed for Any Lifestyle

Science Based Six Pack is designed to work with all types of habits and daily schedules. Instead of changing the entire way you eat, the program helps to change simple habits that affect our well being. Science Based Six Pack offers two plans: the Base Track, and the Fast Track. With the Base Track, people with little to no experience with dieting and exercise will feel like they can easily make the necessary changes to their lives. The Fast Track is for guys who have experience already.


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