Benefits Of Wi-Fi Cameras

Imagine a digital camera with exactly the exact same performance you get from your camera phone–but with the quality-control performance that you expect from your regular camera.

Wireless digital cameras

Wireless digital cameras are arguably the next big thing in the photography world. A union between Wi-Fi technology and digital cameras enables the photographer to connect to a wireless network without needing cables.

You can also see through how Photographers can download the images into a computer, save the images directly to a computer as they’re shot, send pictures to a printer, or share photos using a mobile network the same as using a camera phone.

Take last summer’s World Cup, for instance. As fans cried, professional photographers, delivered images of Zinedine Zidane head-butting Marco Materazzi flying to picture editors’ displays around the planet. The cameras’ Wi-Fi transmitters delivered the pictures wirelessly to a nearby colleague using a notebook, who in turn sent them zipping around the world.

Benefits of Wifi Camera

The Wi-Fi benefit for professional photographers is apparent–but what about the rest of us? Can we now have a use for this feature? Camera makers are betting we do. Increasingly, wireless technology is integrated into high-end digital cameras, in addition to from the point-and-shoot models available to the home consumer.


I am predicting it will not be long until we think of Wi-Fi as a must-have attribute once we look for our next digital camera. Picture the upcoming large corporate event, where the office’s rising star snaps images of schmoozing executives and projects the images on the wall by means of a projector hooked to a laptop.

Imagine making a big splash at your child’s birthday party when you snap pictures of arriving guests, wirelessly zoom the pictures to a printer, and tuck the image into the child’s goodie bag moments afterward. Or, how about your next holiday, when you immediately send your holiday pictures into a Web page or to someone’s computer?

Better still, think about that Wi-Fi cameras use 802.11b and g computer networking technology to connect to a wireless network. If your home computer is Wi-Fi enabled, you can connect your wireless digital camera to it and download your own photos. Bid farewell to card readers and USB cables.

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