How to Avoid Fraudsters When Booking an Ontario Cottage Rental

Ontario Cottage Rentals and 4 Things Vacationers Can Do to Save Themselves from Fraudsters

At the time of booking Ontario cottage rentals you need to check whether it meets all your requirements and also take necessary steps to protect yourself from fraudsters who will try to scam you in any way they can. Thus, it will be important to have required knowledge to prevent yourself from falling prey to such scammers and fraudsters. As such, we will go through few of the points you need to keep note of to protect yourself.

How to avoid falling prey to scammers while booking Ontario cottage rentals?

Fraudulent Tactics #1: A Lucrative Deal

Ontario cottage rentalsYou should be over-cautious if the price offered by a particular rental is quite low as compared to what other Ontario cottage rentals are charging. Thus, it will be important to analyze price for several rentals at the time of booking to avoid such type of problem.

Fraudulent Tactics #2: Wire Transfer

In case, you find that the rental is asking for advance payment through wire transfer only then it will be a red flag and clearly indicate that you are communicating with a fraudster. Moreover, you need to be aware of the fact that after a wire transfer is made, it will be nearly impossible to get back the money and makes it easy for scammers to collect the amount and simply vanish. As such, you need to pay only through your credit card as if any kind of problem arises then it will be easier to dispute the charges.

Fraudulent Tactics #3: Non-existent Property

Before you actually move ahead with booking the property, what you need to do is verify that it really exists. For this task, you will have to enter the address of the property in Google Maps and perform a search. If the property shows up in Google Map search results then it will indicate that it is a real property and not something fake.

Often fraudsters add the address of any vacant lot or warehouse as the address for their rental property and by following the procedure we mentioned you will be able to ensure that there is actually a cottage rental at the address that property owner has provided. Another thing you will have to do is examine whether the rental property has been listed on other rental sites with the same address or some other address.

Fraudulent Tactics #4: Communication with Rental Property Owners

When using services of an Ontario cottage rentals listing site, you need to communicate with property owners from within the listing site itself instead of using your personal email id. The benefit for you will be that there will be a record of communication you had with the fraudster and it will help in taking necessary action against such fraudsters. Additionally, many times scammers make an attempt to create free to use email accounts on sites such as Yahoo and Gmail which imitate the email ids of original rental companies. 

Thus, you will have to check whether the company is using a company email id for communicating with you or a free one and in case it is free gmail or yahoo account then it should raise suspicion about genuineness of the Ontario cottage rentals company. 


As we can see there are several details to be checked to ensure that you do not fall prey to fraudsters and have an enjoyable vacation trip.

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