Fun Things to Do With Your Antique Glass Jars

When you have those vintage goblet bottles, old-fashioned canning jars, dairy glass containers, or colourful traditional cookie jars lying down throughout the house, then you might like to clean them and transform them into stunning enhancements to brighten your live able space.

Listed below are twelve fun things you can do with your traditional glass jars besides from with them for food safe-keeping:

  1. Transform them into lanterns. The colored ones are especially attractive when you light small candle lights included. The nostalgic vibe of candle lights inside antique cup jars can convert your living area from drab to wonderful.
  2. For clear classic cup jars, put colorful shells included. Secure the cover and screen them on the mantel to conjure that refreshing seaside feel. You can browse for more details about Small glass jars.
  3. Colored stones, pebbles, or colored beads can be showcased inside clear vintage mason jars.
  4. You can even store colored ribbons inside clear old-fashioned wine glass canning jars. They’ll look pleasing when capped and organized on the racks.
  5. Re-purpose them as organisers. You should use them to carry small toiletries and plastic items like cotton swabs, organic cotton balls, lipsticks, etc. They’ll manage the clutter, and they’ll look perfect on your dresser, too.

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