All About Making Evangelism Personal


What came to your mind as you read that word? Did you deliberate of godly males and females who traverse the nation, preaching on street corners and tent meetings, or did you deliberate of particular missionaries laboring in foreign nations to see unreached person groups come to recognize Christ?

These ideas are not unreasonable since the definition of evangelism given in the dictionary is “the winning of obligations to Christ.” You can also look for churches around me via

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Now look at this note:

Private Evangelism

That makes evangelism rather, well, private, does not it?  It is a subject that could make some believers uneasy if they have been living their own lives without it.  I’d love to help answer a few questions concerning this topic of personal evangelism which you may have, or may not have thought about.

– What’s personal evangelism?  Every day you devote some of the time speaking to friends, family members, people in your office, or acquaintances.  Every one of these experiences is unique for you, which makes up a part of a day in your life.

– Can is private evangelism really important?  To sum up the response, yes.  Jesus commanded His disciples to “Go, and make disciples,” meaning they had been to create followers of God.  Jesus also told them the way they had been to try it, by “teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you.

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