DePuy Attune Leg Component Recall

In 2015, the U.S. Food and Medicine Administration released a Course II recall for an element of the DePuy Attune leg alternative system. A Category II recall is a recall for a tool that could cause short-term or clinically reversible negative health effects.

With this recall, the FDA uncovered that the balseal which is small cable spring coil mounted on the post feature of the Attune Leg Tibial Articulation Surface Devices found in trialing will come off. Should this happen, it could lodge itself in the operative site if the medical expert will not know it has break.

More serious reports of Attune knee system include fracture of the device components, fracture of the femur and/or tibia, device dislocation and misalignment of implant components. You can also browse to know more about the depuy attune knee lawsuit.

Also, tibial subsidence and metal shedding debris have been cited as causing problems. Many patients experience a need for revision surgery.


Through the entire various recalls the real victims were undoubtedly the patients acquiring the replacements. A lot of people experienced pain and bloating in local ligaments as well as different leg buckling and hyper-mobility. Oftentimes doctors were obligated to carry out revision surgery, heading back in and either taking away the implant or modifying it to pay for the merchandise failures. This surgery was often costly, agonising, and frustrating.

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