3 Healthy Mainstream Food Trends in 2018

If you’re wondering what delicious new products will be flooding shelves and restaurant menus in 2019, here are 3 suggestions. We've taken a good look at what's trending in the US and can expect to see them here in Aus. Consult your Nutritionist Adelaide to find out where you can find them. 

1. Hydrogen Water

We all know water is vital to our body functions, but regular water can be incredibly dull.  Health conscious buffs are turning to energy boosting Hydrogen Water.

It's being used throughout the athletics industry in the US with a purported 16 gold medallists boasting of using it on a regular basis, so there must be something to it!

It's a natural energy booster, with antioxidants, and helps to remove lactic acid after exercise.  Tey it out if it's already on the shelf

2. New Golden Milk

Everything and anything turmeric have gone global in the last 18 months, as it is full of medicinal goodness, curcumin has anti-inflammatory values but constitutes less than 5% in turmeric. 

But everyone is still on the bandwagon, downing plenty of the new trendy drink. It will also become available in powder form. 

3. Drinking Soups

I think we have all had our fill of juicing and juicing gimmicks, they have become predictable and boring.

The new trend that will be hitting the shelves is drinkable soups. Great idea soups are super healthy and way more filling and satisfying than juice.  Soups are jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients.  We here about our five-a-day all the time, well these action-packed cartons provide closer to you ten-a-day.  You can drink them cold or warm them up depending on what time of year it is, so grab one instead of a juice and down those veggies instead. Packages come with flavours of cucumber, avocado, cauliflower, cashew, carrot and sweet potato, for example, sounds pretty good to me.

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