Important Facts About Cultural Imperialism

Human beings learn new things from the radio, particularly from news stories and reports. They also learn by traveling to other lands to determine how the people there live. They mimic what they read in books, magazines and papers about other states that they believe are more developed than them.

It’s important to remember that no nation or group of individuals or just an individual can live alone with no others. There’s need to connect with people of different nations to discuss, borrow and exchange ideas and methods. But this ingestion of a sizeable proportion of international culture for the purpose of dislodging the initial culture from growing is popularly called Cultural Imperialism.

Cultural Transmission

Also, talking about Cultural Transmission, we suggest that the transfer of culture from one generation to another. This helps in the creation of cultural awakening and stimulating the imaginative, artistic and creative skills in individuals thus causing the creation of cultural artifact.

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Mass Media

The mass media as a significant carrier of civilization help in so many ways in providing the cultural contours and vice versa in most developing countries. In the actual sense of it, Cultural Imperialism can be both positive and negative.

In Nigeria, we may see the positive sides of cultural transmission as a means of access to culture and all forms of creative expression to countless f people. Now, a Yoruba man might not know about the Igbo or Hausa culture without seeing them on tv. Many religious programmes which are thought to share ideas and to inform people about the existence of other religion are also showcased.

Many excellent ideas and methods copied from developed countries such as England, France, and the USA have helped in no small measure to enhance the nation in areas like education, health, home, style of living, agriculture, commerce and businesses, systems of government and engineering. We’ve been greatly influenced by notions we borrowed from other nations.

Just as we’re quick in copying the great things in overseas and developed countries, we’re also quick in picking up a few customs. Over-exposure to international culture has caused a change in the spiritual and cultural organizations of Nigeria. Many programmes aired in Nigeria are overseas and their effects on the youth is that it’s bred anti-social behaviors and negative values on the Nigerian youth.