Type Of 4WD Vehicles For Camping


Along with a lot of courage and endurance, camping requires a 4 wheel vehicle to travel to the destination. It is important to explore all the 4WD options and their costs before getting the right one for your trip. Below is a list of different types of 4WD vehicles that are worth checking for a camping trip.

1. Jeep Grand Cherokee

This is great for a camping trip as it comes with three 4-wheel drive systems that work perfectly on rocky terrains and even to go across a river. This car is also huge and can fit in a lot people and their luggage in its five passenger’s seats and big cargo area. It can also carry around 7400 lbs. of weight, which is suitable for large camping rigs.

2. Land Rover Range Rover

The Land Rover Range Rover is a great car that offers both luxury and comfort, along with great Terrain Response systems. It has a leather and wood interior, equipped with modern gadgets and electronics. In addition to this it offers a good drive on off the road terrains, which is essential for a camping trip.

3. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

This is a great SUV with both on and off the road capabilities. This car seats five passengers and is great for a family camping trip or for a group of friends. It also has removable roof which not only makes the ride more fun but can also be taken off if you want to do riverside fishing. This car is great for your cape tribulation 4wd tours.

Therefore, explore these options before getting a car for your camping trip.