What Are Some Of The Old Fashioned Coffee Cups

Ancient coffee cups were usually carved in wood or bone or shaped of clay while most modern ones are made of ceramic materials such as bone china, earthenware, porcelain or stoneware. Some are made from strengthened glass such as pyrex.other materials including enamelled metal, plastic or steel are preferred when reduced weight or   resistance to breakage is premium.

Some early wooden cups were produced probably from the oldest time but most of them have not survived .A shaving scuttle and shaving cup were developed around the 19th century. As hot water was not common in many households, one way to provide hot later as to use scuttle .Both the shaving and scuttle mugs usually have a handle but some have none. Shaving mugs often look like a standard cup.Mordern version s of the scuttle are in limited production usually by independent potters working in small volumes.

The travel eco cup and mugs which were introduced in 1990s generally employ thermal insulation properties for transporting hot or cold liquids. They are well insulated and completely enclosed to prevent spillage or leaking   but will have an opening in the cover through which the coffee will be consumed. Mugs with inner and outer walls but no vacuum treated are generally called double wall mugs .usually stainless steel will be used for the inner wall while outer wall can be stainless steel, plastic or other materials.

The whistle mug is an amusement cup which has a hollow handle which can be blown through the mug like a whitle.with an empty mug, only one note is emitted, whereas a filled cup produces melodious trills and warbling there is also the puzzle mug which has some trick preventing normal operation. An example is one with multiple holes in the rim making it impossible to drink from it in the normal way.