Tips For Choosing the Right Lanyard for Your Employees

Lanyards are frequently used by office staff and employees. Selecting the right lanyards for your employees can be time-consuming and difficult as there are so many things that you need to consider. Select a lanyard design that makes your employees feel connected to the organization.

Following are some other tips that can help you in selecting the right type of lanyard for your employees:


1. Style

Lanyards with different clips, attachments, and accessories are available in the market. Some of them have a quick release while others have retractable reels. So, when deciding on the kind of lanyards you select, you should focus on two qualities that are:

  • Will the lanyard be used frequently or rarely?
  • What is the kind of work environment it’ll be used in?

If employees need to use their ID cards frequently then you should go with the retractable reel as those are easier to handle. If employees are working in a rough environment, their lanyards should have a quick release attachment in case of an emergency.

2. Material

Lanyards are easily available in various materials, from cotton to polyester. Nylon and polyester lanyards are most commonly used by organizations as these materials last for a long time and are also more comfortable to wear. Moreover, they can also be washed in a machine. 

3. Budget

Another important thing that you should consider is the budget. Most of the lanyards are not very expensive but the kind of printing you select can affect the price of a lanyard. So, go with a simply designed lanyard on which your logo can easily stand out and is comfortable to wear.

By considering the above mention qualities in lanyards you can ensure that you select a good quality lanyard at economical rates.