5 Must Know Tips For Air Travel With Lighters And Matches!

As of August 4, 2007 common lighters are allowed in carry-on baggage and on your person when walking through the security checkpoint. You are just allowed to take four books of safety matches in your carry-on or on your person through security checkpoint per person. Matches and lighters are prohibited in checked baggage with one exemption for lighters. You can also buy Custom Lighters, Bic Lighters and Custom Printed Lighters online.

Those lighters without gas are allowed in checked out baggage. Lighters with petrol are prohibited in checked out baggage unless they stick to the Division of Transportation (DOT) exemption that allows up to two fuelled lighters if enclosed in a DOT approved circumstance.

Torch Lighters are prohibited in carry-on and checked out baggage still. Torch lighters produce a thin, needle-like flame that is hotter (reaching 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit) and much more powerful than those from common lighters


1. Carry lighters in support of four books of safety suits in your carry-on or on your person.

2. Don't pack up your matches or any lighters in checked out baggage. They will be removed.

3. Avoid a Marlboro carrier for checked baggage. This is a huge tip there may be lighters or matches in your bag.

4. Don't buy lighters whilst traveling and expect to return house with them, unless they may be packed in your carry-on or on your person.

5. Torch lighters remain prohibited in checked out and carry-on baggage.