How To Create The Best Rustic Look For Your Wedding Marquee

There are many wedding themes that one can go for but the rustic look is one of the best looks available. It is magical and perfect for the autumn season. They have a vintage feel to them and therefore it would be the perfect look for your wedding day. Here are some of the ways on how to create the best rustic look for your wedding marquee. More information is also available at website.

Choose the right marquee. There are many different kinds of marquee available. All of them can make and qualify for a good rustic wedding. However, for the best rusty look, the traditional style wedding marquee is the best. These types of marquee that can go well with the rusty look are the tip hat marquee and the metal framed marquee.

If you are going to pick the rusty look for your wedding, you should pick a wedding dress that matches it. You should match your décor to your dress. After you choose what to wear, that’s when you start focusing the décor around that as it would have made it easier for you to choose what décor you want. For most people, the dressing code during the wedding is the most important part.

Getting the lighting right is another way to create the best rusty look for your wedding. Lighting sets, the tone for your wedding and for the rustic look, hanging fairy lights and lanterns in your marquee are the perfect choice. If you want to create a fantasy style glow that is warm and inviting use tea light candles inside jars. You should hang them from the trees to create a more magical feel. You can get more of this kind of information from Petworth Marquee Hire and other marquee specialist companies.

For the rustic look, choose your color scheme. If you like pastels, the salmon pink and mint greens can work out for you. Make use of the space outside of the marquee by making sure you have parking, seating and rustic signs pointing people in the right direction. The above points or tips will help you create the rustic look in your marquee.