Different Type of Eyeliners

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You might think buying eyeliner is easy, all you need to do is go out pick out a shade and boom! You’re good to go; it isn’t. There is so much that goes into consideration before finding the perfect formula for your eyes and skin.  

We have picked out the 3 most common eye liner types for you, so you can choose the right one.

1. Gel Eyeliners

Gel liners may look a little intimidating but it a must try if you love doing cat eyes. A gel liner is usually waterproof because of its waxy consistency. If you are looking for a long lasting formula then a gel based liner is your safest bet. You can use an angled brush for precise strokes or a Q-Tip for a smoky effect, either way it stays put until you remove it with a makeup remover. Gel liners are also super easy to blend so it can be used as an eye shadow base as well.

2. Liquid Eyeliners

Basically there are two types of liquid eyeliner; the felt-tip and brush tip. The felt-tip is great for creating a winged liner; it is precise and dries down completely. It comes in a marker form and gives you more control over the thickness. The brush tip liner is great for creating ultra-thin and crisp lines. That being said, it is quite difficult to smudge liquid eyeliner as it dries down almost immediately. These are great for lining your lash line but cannot used in waterline whatsoever.

3. Pencil Liner

There are two types of pencil eyeliners; the regular pencil and the retractable pencil. As the name suggests the regular eyeliner pencil is regular and the retractable pencil is just the same except you don’t have to sharpen it. A pencil liner is a staple item that everyone must own because of its versatility. They can work in waterline, tight line, as a liner or eye shadow base.

So, which one is your favourite type of eyeliner? To make those liners pop and for best results, use mineral foundation makeup underneath.

The Ins And Outs of Lip Makeup

Lips are undoubtedly the most prominent feature of a woman’s face and many try to make them as luscious as possible. However in an attempt of doing so, some overdo their lips and end up looking like a disaster.


Here is your complete guide on how you can accentuate your lips without going a little out of hand using the best mineral makeup available locally.

  • Choose the Right Shade

Always choose the right shade that compliments your complexion. Go for the shades that look good on you, make your features stand out and do not make you look dull.

  • Nude on the verge of looking dead

While nude shades are all the hype, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all nude shades will compliment your skin tone. To find out the perfect nude for you, pick a shade that is one shade darker or lighter than your lip’s natural colour. Avoid going for the same shade as it will look ghostly.

  • Lip shape

If your lips are thin then avoid using dark shades, go for brighter shades instead that will enhance the shape of your lips. Darker shades tend to move away from thin lips.

  • Primer and Concealer

Always prime your lips so that your product stays on for long and doesn’t transfer. For lifted lips, apply concealer on the outer corners of your lips. To achieve pouty lips simply apply concealer and highlighter on your lower lip’s edge.

Always use a magnifying mirror when you are doing your own lips for precise strokes and perfect lip shape. Stick with your personal liking instead of doing what everyone else is doing as it will look the best on you.

Top Mistakes Women Make When It Comes To Lipstick

All steps of makeup are vital but the final look can never be obtained without applying lipstick. It is a common way of giving a final look that immediately brightens up the face. However, there are some mistakes that women all around the world make when it comes to lipsticks. Several companies now bring eco makeup to solve our problems.

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  • While choosing a lipstick, observe your skin tone and make the decision of the right colour wisely. These days, red are a very common colour but makes sure that the shade you wear suits you.
  • Glitter looks amazing but there is a limited age group that can carry the spark. Avoid these kinds of lipsticks if you are somewhere near 35 or 40. Go with subtle matte shades.
  • Colours attract all and when this happens, most of us might lose control over the sense of applying it the right way. There is a rule. Never apply a dark colour on thin lips. Never!
  • Another misconception like this is that people apply light colours on big lips.
  • Glosses look nice but applying too much of it on lipsticks might look tacky and a bit overdone. Keep it subtle.
  • A dark lip liner with a lighter lipstick is the key why people look like a mess most of the times. t gives an unnatural look and if you like the colour of the liner more, just dab the liner in the lips.
  • In the effort to make lipsticks last longer, most of us apply a lot of lipstick and end up with lipstick on our teeth.

Know what you need to have that flawless look.