Outsourcing: A Key To Business Survival And Growth

Courtesy- birchdane

The larger a business gets, the more complicated its network becomes. It is important for all functional areas to be well integrated if a business is to achieve success. Large businesses often work with third party companies that help reduce the workload. Here are some examples of how a business uses a third party agency to carry out its tasks:

1. Recruitment and Selection Process

Businesses often hand over the recruitment process to a third party known as “headhunters”. These job recruiters look for candidates to fulfill the company’s requirements. They act as a bridge between the employer and employee.

2. Marketing

Companies often outsource their marketing to a third party agency. Effective promotion is an element of the marketing mix and is the key to business success. Promotional product companies help in advertising in various ways. Some companies create merchandise that is used for promotion such as keychains, pencils, drinkware. On the other hand, some companies promote the brand directly via social media or sponsorship.

Why would a business use a third party to carry out it tasks?

Outsourcing helps reduce the burden on the managers of the business. It allows them to be able to devote more time to serious business issues such as survival and growth. Business environment is dynamic and there is always a threat from outside influences such as new competitors or changing economic conditions.

So to ensure that a business does not fail in the long run, it is necessary to outsource some tasks.

Creative Ways To Give Promotional Products

There are so many ways you can expand your company just by promoting it the right way. In recent times companies have begun to realize the importance of investing in their brand to ensure they get the kind of response they are looking for. Therefore, they now have a budget just for investment purposes.

The smartest and best possible way to do that is through business promotional products. Here are some of the most creative ideas that can be turned into promotional items for your company:


  1. You can give your clients really thick and durable straws. This is something your clients might need time and time again. So the best thing to do is give them durable straws with a funny clip on it. This is completely one of a kind.
  2. You can even give towels with your logo on it. Hand towels are a great item to give out and are super useful. They are not even that costly but a great way to make your customer feel like they matter to you and to the brand.
  3. You can even give them prank products. Imagine how fun it would be if you give your client whoopee cushions. Every time they laugh because of a funny prank they will be reminded of your brand. Isn’t that a cool way to be remembered?

Try and be creative and you will be amazed with the number of ways in which you can explore your creativity and brand diversity. Make yourself memorable like no one else has done before.