The Difference Between Commercial And Domestic Refrigerators

‘Do I need a commercial refrigerator?’ This is a question that many people consider when starting off a small business. The extra cost and larger size is likely to be the cause of their hesitation. However after reading this article you may find that spending the extra cash on this strong fridge is an investment worth considering.

Here are some key differences between a domestic and Adelaide commercial refrigeration systems:

1. Regulations

The most important reason to invest in a commercial refrigerator is that it fulfills the requirements laid down by the EHO’s.

These fridges are designed to cope with the heat, humidity and pressures of a commercial kitchen. As such by investing in one owner can ensure the temperature of their products always meets the food and safety regulations in their country.

2. Usage

Commercial fridges are used to the requirements of a company kitchen, however small this company may be. Domestic fridges won’t cope in the extreme conditions that define such a kitchen, they are much too fragile!

3. Compressors

The compressor used in a commercial refrigerator is a lot more powerful. They will;

  • Be assisted by a fan that helps the fridge to combat the heat in a commercial kitchen.
  • Have special controllers that defrost the ice that builds up in the fridge.
  • Have higher insulation properties then a domestic fridge.

4. More durable

Parts of a commercial fridge are more durable. They also have a few subtle additions that help them to survive the kitchen such as;

  • Stronger doors
  • A digital temperature display

Choosing to buy a commercial fridge has a range of benefits but which are the ones that appeal to you? You decide!