Body Targets That Are Perfect For Self-Defence

Today we are going to discuss about seven body targets that every beginner should focus on if they're looking to be able to fight with the attacker in a quicker and effective manner.

There are lots of ways of attacking each target and picking the best one in an attack situation will choose more than just knowing it's there. You may buy concealed, affordable high voltage stun guns via

So, here are the 'Dirty 7':


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Nothing stops an assailant, or anyone else for that matter, like a fast shot to the nose – in ANY way! Even a light shot immediately brings tears to the eyes and disorientation. And no! It is not generally considered a killing shot by 'real' pros!


Human beings are generally eyesight-oriented creatures. And, our bodies are hard wired to protect our eyes from even the smallest risk.

Jaw/Tip of Chin

A nicely-placed palm-strike to the tip of the chin, or even a thumb-point driven up under the jaw-line will send an attacker realing in pain or knock him out cold!


Just as with the eyes, our bodies are wired to shield the most exposed places. The windpipe, arteries, and veins that pack the neck and throat region are all life-sustaining systems. And they are subjected to the universe and without their very own defenses! A firm grab or sharp strike to some of these systems can shut an attacker down – forever!

Sternum/Solar Plexus

The bottom tip of the breat bone or sternum, is called the xyphoid process (pronounced "zie-foid"). It is a small, triangular shaped, boney protrusion that really has some flex to it.

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Even a light punch or kick to this area can leave the assailant breathless – or worse. You may also find online sites like guarddog-security that provide weapons which can also be used for self-defence.


Do I really need to characterize the effects of a grab, punch, or kick here? Do not think so. Nonetheless, it will be wise to get the notion that this is just successful against men, right out of your head!


Yes, that's right… the knees. Everyone appears to believe the knees are only weapons and yet, size-for-size, they're one of the feeblest joints in the human body. Actually, it only takes about 65 pounds of pressure to pop an adult knee joint. 

Self Defense For Women- Effective Hand Defenses

Not a nice subject.

I have to warn you that some of these moves will seem barbaric… Sometimes you do what you need to do to live. Ask yourself how difficult would you fight to save your life or that of a young child! I leave it to you that if you're going to defend yourself you must do it effectively. You may check more options for non-lethal weapons for self-defense on

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You should act immediately, firmly and decisively, as most assaults are fast and violent.

Let your hands do the talking.

  • Do not strike with your fists.

You would get hurt, break nails or your hand. The palm of your hand is quite strong. The top target is the nose. A fast straight jab to the nose is quite painful and will cause your attacker's eyes to water. Thus giving you an opportunity to run off, if you are trapped or strike again.

  • The edge of your hand can be thrust into the throat, in a pushing away actions. A quick action is a requirement and will stop an attacker fast.
  • If you curl the fist and second joints of your fingers back you can hit together with the row of second joints. This really is known as a Dragons Fist and the target is the throat or the armpits. This really is a distressing region.
  • Closing your fist but hitting with the border of your hand is a very strong defense. It is called a hammer fist and is best used when failing your arms about. You cannot originate a defense with this assault as it's easy to stop, but is an excellent follow up to the palm strike to the nose. The targets are the nose and temples. The hammer fist is a heavy weapon and even a light individual can produce lots of power with it.
  • Your fingers assault the crotch or can rake the face, but the better strike would be to gouge the eyes. If your attacker is temporally blinded he cannot continue to assault you. Eye gouging while distasteful is exceptionally successful.
  • Using your hand to grab and squeeze the testicles is very powerful. Go difficult, do not be gentle, your life may depend on it.

If you are grabbed around the waist or throat using the palms of both hands to slap the ears is successful.