Some Positive Aspects of Server Consolidation

Advantages of Server Consolidation

Server consolidation is a method of using resources and hardware in a way that is more efficient and cost effect.  By merging servers and resources you can eliminate redundant systems and cut costs associated with multiple servers. In this article we will look at the advantages of server consolidation.

Some Advantages of Server Consolidation

• Less Costly
• Upkeep and General Tasks
• Lower Carbon Footprint

Less Costlyserver consolidation

The overall costs that come with multiple servers can be overwhelming.  Not only is there the initial cost of purchasing and maintaining multiple pieces of hardware, there is the upkeep, space, and infrastructure. With server consolidation you will also save money on the hydro costs of housing multiple servers. 

Upkeep and general tasks

With consolidation, organizational or managerial tasks are more streamlined. You can handle the security and tasks in one place. This will save time, and will ensure that all of the infrastructure is taken care of.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Since there are fewer servers to cool, power, and protect, the overall environmental impact of server consolidation is much lower.  Not only will this benefit the environment, it will also save money spent on infrastructure and hydro.


As we can see there are a lot of benefits to server consolidation. While it is possible to over consolidate, which can cause underperformance and other issues, generally server consolidation is the best route to go.