How to Make Smoothie Including Butter

Gone are the days when peanut butter was preferred for only children. Now it is included in the diet of adults and even some health professional prefer to have this on their diet chart. It is a rich source of protein and you can also prepare smoothies with it. There are many benefits of drinking a smoothie with peanut butter because this can protect you from several kinds of diseases. You can also lose weight without any problem.

In addition to this, peanut butter is also very beneficial for the cardiovascular functions. There is no doubt that without a proper recipe, it is a bit tricky task to prepare a smoothie at home. You can take the reference to this particular smoothie recipe which explain about peanut butter smoothie and blend everything into your own smoothie maker at home to have a maximum health benefit.

Peanut butter and banana smoothie

Ingredients to include

–    One banana

–    One cup of almond milk

–    Two tablespoons of peanut butter

–    One graham cracker rectangle

–    One tablespoon vanilla extract

How to blend?

The blending process is also very simple and you can easily do this at home in your own smoothie maker without any problem. You should only keep one thing in mind that never put the material which is not fresh and pure.

Take the banana in a smoothie maker and blend it well. Now add rest of the ingredients and start blending again. Make sure every ingredient is mixed up well into it and when you feel that smoothie is becoming creamy than you can serve it. In order to get the maximum benefits of the smoothie, you should buy a smoothie maker which is coming with the jars in which you can drink smoothie directly. There is no harm in adding some ice or putting in the freezer this smoothie just for few minutes.

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