How To get BBM Free Stickers?

BBM stickers are specialized visual presentations. Stickers are completely different from smileys and emoticons. These are larger, bolder and create beautiful feeling in Blackberry users. Right now sticker packs are free and it cost something like $0.199. Each sticker packs contain between 20 to 25 infidel graphic presentations. Talented artists relating to the brands create these. So it can completely comfortable with your device screen. I recommend to start with free stickers pack. Once you satisfied, you can purchase premium packs. For using bbm stickers, you must upgrade your Smartphone to latest version. Please note some BBM versions only support using stickers. They are BBM V10.3.1, V8.2 and V2.1. So make sure in Goolgle Play Store or Blackberry App Word you have latest version. If you have older versions you can easily upgrade your BBM  to the latest one. Then you can start by tap on the shop icon in your BBM.  

In Blackberry phones, stickers are unique presentation for all users. Senders and receivers happy interchanging stickers. It can really make impressive feeling in your blackberry contacts. Using stickers in special timings help your messages really stand out. For example if you want someone greet birthday or party events stickers are helpful. In this type of situations emoticons or smileys are not really works. Check out this blog you can get bbm free sticker packs for your messaging purpose.