How to Reduce Expenditure on Web Site Design?

If you are planning to create your website and want to cut cost then you need to take steps to reduce unnecessary expenditure which tend to increase the overall cost of creating your site. These are very simple and basic steps which can be easily implemented and help you in significantly reducing web design cost.

5 Steps to Reduce Website Design Cost

Step 1 – Clearly Define Your Requirements

web design firmTo start with have a very clear idea of features you want to include in your site and how it is to be organized. In addition to it, look for a web design firm which bills on hourly basis. 

In case of small website development it may not mean large savings but if you are planning to make a large web site then you can achieve considerable savings with hourly billing. 

Many times it is seen that cost increases due to changes in specifications during later stages of web development. This is the reason proper planning is necessary to cut such extra expenditure.

Step 2 – Check Competitors Website

It is important to check web sites of your competitors to know the features and aspects they are using on their sites. 

This will help you in deciding aspects which you would like to include in your site and assist you in providing clear instructions to your web development company. This will in turn help the design company streamline its work and would translate into cost savings for you.

Step 3 – Creation of Design Concepts

During the design phase in case web design firm has to create multiple designs then it would mean more work and in turn will increase the expenditure you will have to bear. 

Thus if you want to reduce expenditure on website design then what you will have to do is reduce the number of initial designs you will require to select final one from.

Step 4 – Using Online Web Design Platforms 

Normally after the design gets approved the next step consists of development of the site by developers. 

This is generally a time consuming as well as expensive endeavor. But now there is a way out for you in the form of online web design platforms which can do most of the heavy lifting for you. 

These online platforms can create the code for the website, add responsive or parallax features as well as include CMS and E-commerce facility on the site. 

Such automation can significantly reduce time as well as overall expenditure for small and medium scale websites which do not rely on complex features.

Step 5 – Starting Small

It is quite obvious that website you will require now and your future requirements would be different. It is possible to create a site keeping note of your future needs or you may design a basic site for now to start with and include new features as your business grows. 

Creating a web site with future needs in mind could turn to be quite expensive and unnecessary at the moment. Hence, creating a site which meets your present requirements and gradually expanding its functionality can help you keep the cost down. 

In such phased approach you should include all the important features which will be required for your present business functions and make changes as per your growing needs.


As we can see there are several simple things which you can do to cut web design cost and create a website which can represent your business on the world wide web.