Oslob Whale Sharks as a Tourist Destination

The province of Cebu has been well-known internationally as one of the best tourist destination. That is apparently with the recent best attraction working in the south area of the province. Cebu is known to have the most natural remaining beauty of land formations and water wonders thus activities have been incorporated during the visit. Attractions and activities are prepared to tourists depending on the location they are at. Oslob which is part of Cebu’s south side area takes pride of their whale shark watching and over time, it has been attracting more travelers and or tourists than ever.

 Oslob whale shark watching  receives a lot of positive feedbacks from non-locals and foreign tourists that the kind of activity cannot be available anytime in different parts of the world. The gentle giants appeared to be domesticated since locals from the place have been taking care and keeping a watchful-eye on them. They (tourists) can get an up close look on those gentle giants and they can even have themselves taken a picture with the creature. Free divers and recreational scuba divers are welcome as well in the activity which apparently makes it more interesting to tourist as these adventure seekers get to see the creature’s activity underwater.