How to Shoot the Perfect Arrow

Every arrow and broadhead/fletching combination will perform differently out of a particular bow. This occurs due to several factors, including: the archer’s unique shooting torque, the bow’s nock travel, shot vibration, windy shooting conditions, use of certain bow accessories, and so on. In other words, every setup has an accuracy “sweet spot,” and you should do all you can to find it.

The way to do this is to experiment, take lots of notes and keep an open mind. Try different arrows, fletching styles, broadheads and point weight. These all affect the balance of the arrow and can enhance or degrade shooting consistency. Eventually you’ll draw some noticeable conclusions and arrive with the most accurate configuration.

Finding this sweet spot can be as simple as increasing the arrow’s front of center (FOC). Easton recommends 10 to 15 percent weight forward for hunting arrows. If you don’t know how to compute FOC weight, visit, then input your arrow’s specs in the FOC Calculator.

If you are shooting less than 10 percent weight forward, you should consider a switch from 100 to 125 grains points, or four-inch vanes to two-inch. This simple change will alter FOC by 2 to 3 percent.

Also, realize that speed bows come with a longer power stroke, a variable that gives them greater energy to propel the arrow. However, with increased “arrow time” comes theoretically more arrow vibration, and any anomaly in arrow movement can seriously disrupt the arrow’s normal flight pattern, ruining accuracy.

This is why arrow spine consistency is so important (spine relates to the arrow’s “flex ratio”). If your arrows are not equal in spine, then slight imperfections will occur in arrow flight. This issue is magnified on a low-brace speed bow, simply because of its longer power stroke.

For this reason, matching your speed rig with top tier hunting arrows, those with exact spine specifications, becomes more of a fundamental need than a luxury. For more tips on how to shoot your bow more accurately, then be sure to read the guides on